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Maude Wilson ~ Mastermind and Sparkle Plenty

Founder and Principal Event Curator at Ascend Events



“Don’t ask what the world needs.
Ask what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

 — Howard Thurman

Curating experiences that inspire people to express as their uniquely creative selves is what makes me come alive. I am a world traveler, a lifetime learner and a spiritual seeker. From the time I was 10 years old, I have been bringing people together around a common idea or need. That’s what happens when you are the youngest of nine children, outgoing, friendly and social.

I left public relations 10 years ago to found Ascend Events with a vision of bringing people together in safe spaces that allow them the freedom to experience joy through music, community and self discovery. Eversince I made that career change, my professional life has been so much more exhilarating, creatively challenging and fulfilling.

I work with some of the most creative and inspirational people through my work as an events curator. I often collaborate with larger event marketing companies like MKTG, Hartmann, Dominic Phillips Event Marketing and Jack Morton to support and lead events for Google, Facebook, Benefit Cosmetics, Oracle, Bayer and UCSF to name a few. I also work closely with executive and creative directors to produce cultural arts events that bring participants into new worlds in transformative ways. Some such events include the Destiny Arts Annual Showcase, Bandaloop,  Ethnic Dance Festival, Maker Faire, CubaCaribe, Oakland Interfaith Gospel Conference, Brazilian Day Festival, and the International Body Music Festival, among others.

As Ascend Events moves into its 10th year, we are undergoing a transformation ourselves. We recently launched The Transformative Travel Experience (3TE) which promotes the development of a compassionate global community through culturally curated travel experiences and cultural exchange programming. The makeover will be complete in 2020.


My reputation speaks volumes l  The Bay Area event landscape is tiny, everyone knows everyone. Over the past 10 years, all of my event projects have come to me through word of mouth. I have never done any marketing and I consistently receive new opportunities grander than the one before. I live by a code of excellence. Every project I take on is the most important project on my plate through completion. I am strategic in my project selection and am adamant about ensuring that I carve out enough space in my calendar to always do my best work.

“We are all different, which is great because we are all unique. Without diversity life would be very boring.”  Catherine PulsiferInclusion is extremely important to me. I strive to create environments and hold the space for everyone to feel welcome and hand selected. I constantly ask myself what more can I do to ensure that the event feels inclusive, welcoming and fun for each guest.

Your life is an occasion. Rise to it.” Suzanne Weyn l  I am an optimist naturally. I am a problem solver, a solutions-oriented professional with a can-do attitude. I believe that I draw to myself that which I put out into the universe. A pleasant outlook and demeanor has transformed many a challenge into smooth and successful solutions.