Two of my favorite things are 1) to experience life in other cultures and 2) to contemplate God and learn about how people engage with and view God.

Gratefully, the very things that excite me have become a major part of my life ~ travel and spiritual exploration. 

Travel ~ Maude’s Way is where I get to share my travel and spiritual experiences, with the hopes that it may bring someone joy and/or support you in finding/creating your own way. 

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Cuba~Maude Moves To Oakland

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Can ones travel persona survive or thrive in their everyday life? I am a very different person when I travel. The shock of returning to my calm, cautious life in...

Thank You Cuba For The Love

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I’m going out on a limb and saying Cuba was my best travel experience yet! OK, wait. Let me back up, “best travel experience yet” is a bit strong. Let...

Finding My Way

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THE SPIRITUALLY CURIOUS ONE Mis-Categorizing Personal Evolution as Struggle Everything I said yesterday is false! Lol. I’m not all over the place and I’m not struggling. I’m simply finding my...